Meet The Doctors

Jeffrey Levine, DDS Patricia Levine, DDS

Image of Jeffrey Levine, DDS and Patricia Levine, DDSThere is a really great reason why going to visit Levine Family Dental makes you feel like you are part of the family. One of the best aspects of the practice is that Drs. Jeff and Patricia Levine are a great team both inside and outside of the practice. The doctors started their relationship in 1994 at SUNY Buffalo Dental School. They have shared their excitement and passion for dentistry ever since they graduated Cum Laude in 1998 from SUNY Buffalo, with a multitude of both academic and clinical accolades. After graduating from dental school, both Drs. gained acceptance to a highly coveted General Practice Residency at the Wadsworth VA hospital in Los Angeles. The residency sharpened their skills in complex restorative and multidisciplinary cases. Following the residency and a year of associateship in Los Angeles, Drs. Jeff and Patricia Levine moved to Henderson, a rapidly growing suburb of Las Vegas. Due to Henderson‘s massive influx of new residents, Dental Professionals were in high demand. The doctors ran a very successful practice for four years, focused on family and cosmetic dentistry.  In the meantime, their two oldest kids, Dylan and Katie, were born.  During their six year stay in the Las Vegas area, they realized that it wasn’t an ideal environment to raise their children. After a year of extensive research and planning, Drs. Jeff and Patricia picked the Bay area as a good match for their lifestyle and love of the outdoors. They sold their home and business, relocating to Livermore in 2006.  Livermore is a wonderful, family oriented community with great community spirit.  Nowadays, you may find the doctors at one of the local events, Granada Little Legue games, or Fusion soccer games.  Dylan, Katie and Justin truly enjoy being part of their local school and playing multiple sports.  Drs. Jeff and Patricia Levine have warm and inviting personalities and treat both their staff and patients as extensions of their family. Come and visit Levine Family Dental and see for yourself.